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Finding qualified job applicants is just a click of a mouse away.

Below are instructions to add email to WIT account. (WIT) launch month, August 2019

How to Recover Your User Name

Place your job orders on-line through WORK IN TEXAS. It’s fast, simple and free. WORK IN TEXAS gives employers access to a large database of qualified job applicants to choose from.

WORK IN TEXAS allows you to set up and manage your own account. You can enter your job listings and search for qualified applicants. Using select criteria you can get a list of job applicants scored and ranked by how well each meets your criteria.

Computer shy? No problem. A representative from the Business Service Group will be happy to assist you in setting up your account, entering job listings, screening and then refer qualified job applicants from the matches they find. Call the Business Service Group near you today for more information and assistance at (210)224-HELP or (888)818-9881.

Want your job listings exposed nationally? Post you jobs on-line and search for qualified job applicants using America’s Job Bank. Just like WORK IN TEXAS, its fast, simple and free.

To learn more about how to find better people for your business, contact a representative of the Workforce Solutions Alamo Business Services Group today at (210) 224-HELP (4357).

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